Jude Treder-Wolff

"Self-medicate with real-life therapist Jude Treder-Wolff. Expect the unexpected. And without the hourly rates!" New York Daily News

"Jude Treder-Wolff provides instant relief from the blues." Theater Is Easy

"Drawing on her background as both a stand-up comic and therapist, Jude helps to laugh and think at the same time." Cabaret Scenes

“This isn’t Helping” is a voyage of mutual discovery, by Jude and the audience. What she shares and how she shares it is what makes this show so special. One woman on stage for over an hour talking about “feelings” this isn’t! This is one woman on stage for over an hour being real and speaking, or sometimes singing, her truth and discovering the things we all search for - Why are we here? What do we need and how can we be better?"

"It’s uplifting, profound and ultimately very, very funny. I highly recommend that you spend a little time with Jude Treder-Wolff - The doctor is in!!" NOHO ARTS DIESTRICT website

Jude Treder-Wolff is a storyteller, writer/performer and singer/songwriter who is currently performing her new solo show This Isn't Helping, a comedic take on a long-time therapist's struggle with burn-out and the people who thought they could help: the highly-opinionated life coach, the evangelizing corporate trainer, the New Age healer who was either the most relaxed person you could ever meet or completely high. With original songs co-written by with composer Wells Hanley, this show is about a hilariously serious search for hope and transformation.
This Isn't Helping was selected for the 2017 Speak Up! Rise Up! Storytelling Festival at the off-Broadway Connelly Theater in NYC, the 2017 Whitefire Theatre Festival in Sherman Oaks, CA and performed in sold out performances at The Performing Arts Studio in Port Jefferson NY and the The Tank in NYC. Treder-Wolff has been featured on RISK! the ground-breaking storytelling podcast and live show 3 ties, Mortified, The Armando Diaz Experience (guest monologist), Talk Therapy, Take Two Storytelling, Bady House Storytelling Concerts, Now You're Talking, The Prose of Pie and others. She is host/creator of (mostly) TRUE THINGS, a game wrapped in a storytelling show, featuring true stories told by people drawn from the fantastic pool of Moth-winning, comedy-wrangling, heartstrings-pulling storytellers in the New York area and around the country including a teen edition. ****

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